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GalleriesWest Spring 2007, Page 43

Natsuko Yoshino

Manitoba: Initiative, January 26 - February 16, Semai Gallery, Winnipeg

Preview by Lorne Roberts

gMy drawings are automatic expressions of my unconscious,h says Natsuko Yoshino. gThere (are) infinite possibilities in a personfs unconscious.h Done with muted watercolours, ink and pencil, Yoshinofs work are a fun and trippy journey through imaginary landscapes, where human and organic shapes float in empty space, all blending into a swirling, seamless whole. Her drawings could be described as falling into a nebulous space between Shel Silverstein, Alice in Wonderland, and Marcel Dzama.

Yoshino grew up in Osaka, Japan, and has returned there since graduating from the University of Regina in 2006. Shefll have her first solo show at Winnipegfs Semai Gallery this winter. If her work strikes a chord with viewers, though, Yoshino says that itfs because it comes from a natural place. gI draw when I want to get away from reality,h she says. gI have never thought that I was talented - I just like to draw.h A consistent visual theme in her art is the undefined line between where one thing ends and another begins a natural extension of her automatic drawing technique.

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